Who won the revolution?

The patriots of the American revolution against England may have won the battles on the fields. Defeated soundly, the Brit’s got back on their ship’s and sailed back to England. Founding father’s kept the English & bankers at bay as they despised them. Crafting our original constitution and the bill of right’s. The framers knew all to well of the dangers a monarchy & other forms of governance along with their economics can do to any society. The old adage of “one can win the battles, but who wins the war” is so fitting here. International bankers along with the Rothschild’s of London managed to sink their collective fangs in the United States right after our civil war with “The Act of 1871” when members of our 41st congress sold us all out to the bankers. Stripping us all of our sovereign individual right and replacing with a perpetual servitude. Transforming America as we knew her, for generations to come. In essence creating the corporate America we know today. I wonder how many people know of this. I mean growing up in the 70’s, I don’t recall that subject ever being discussed in school.

I often think what this country would be like today if some of those congressmen back at the 41st congress had the courage to stand up against such vile and treasonous acts. What did we do to deserve such treachery? Who’s debt did we incur? I look around today and I see what the corporation has done. The ever bottom dollar. Between taxes and fees for everything under the sun, we are burdened with a debt that will never be paid. You, your children and all your property can all be taken away in a heartbeat. You see, the British did win! They won in ways that many people in cities all over this country will never understand. They gave us back to the tax man and all those elitist politicians in D.C without the sir names. The vast amount of inner city people that turn out every election cycle to vote the congressmen and senators that happen to work for the corporation are oblivious. The sheep are fed and well.

I guess the essence of my post is the fact that Americans weren’t told about the effects or ramifications this act would have to their liberties and financial health, let alone the changing of our constitution’s initial intent (no votes by the people were cast). The 14th amendment must be revisited at some point in history. Implied consent is a phrase many are oblivious too, but has tremendous importance. Maybe if we start by denying this illegal corporation that very phrase, we can start on that road that will restore our individual sovereignty and our republic. Let’s free our children from these chains and start a road to prosperity, as our beloved forefathers intended for us. After all, “we are the people.”

Just my thoughts as a man that loves his country. I owe no one any apologies!

God bless America’s patriots!



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