Shove your privacy notices up your a$$ America!

Privacy is out in today’s social networking on the internet.

Brass Tacks

I think anybody who has Facebook should be exempt from receiving the endless slew of totally pointless privacy notices that are issued by every business under the sun.  Every time I go to my doctor I get a copy of their privacy notice; why would a Facebook user want that?  Doesn’t my doctor know Facebook users don’t care about privacy?  The same thing goes for all the ridiculous privacy notices from banking, finance, and insurance companies.  These companies could save millions of trees and all the cost of mailing that to millions of Facebook users who thumb their noses at privacy daily.   If we had any interest in privacy we wouldn’t broadcast everything in our lives from constipation remedies to 50,000 word political manifestos.  If we Facebook users gotta problem with another person we will post about it in a passive-aggressive manner not referencing anybody in particular in such a way that…

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